Blessed to Constantly Create

Three years ago, Lisa Aguilar almost decided to retire from teaching and choreographing Tahitian dance. She was in Tahiti at the time, studying with her mentor Tahitian dance legend Coco Hotahota. Having taught and mentored three generations of her own dancers, Lisa figured it was time for her to move on and let the younger choreographers predominate the Tahitian dance world in the States. When she told this to Coco, he got up angrily and left the room. Continue reading “Blessed to Constantly Create”


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We will be up and running the week of June 11th with fresh content about this year’s Festival. In our first blog series, you will meet five 2012 Festival artists and get to know what makes them tick. From hula to Afro-Peruvian dance, these artists are innovators in their fields, with fascinating stories of traveling long distances to study, teach, and connect with dance communities locally and abroad.

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